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Monday, May 22, 2006
New RAV4 in crash
No one has hurt. Jacquelyn, Noah, and me are OK

We went to Dothan Thursday to S & S Closets & Mirror, Inc to pick out mirrors and shower doors for the new house. Pulling back on to the circle, the Toyota RAV4 crashed into another car.

hmmm... should have bought american :)
Dave, should of still been driving big red!!!!
You know you are a redneck when you tie rope to a RAV4 bumper to make it home.
Dothan is bad news, last time we were there the car died. Got it started and drove right back to Florida and haven't been there since!

Sure looks like a lot of body damage My son was driving a PT Cruiser in North Carolina when he was hit in the back by a Toyota truck. It crumpled the roof of the PT. Really glad no one else was in the car.

Glad everyone is OK.
Glad no one was hurt. Cars can be replaced. Ross Clark is a bear to drive on. ReRe
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